Global Gateway Cities

Global gateway cities are portals, gateways to another world. There was a time when immigrants came to America and had to burn their bridges behind them. They had no choice; there was no way to stay in touch with the homelands from which they came.

In the 21st century, the world is very different. Many immigrants who land in our global gateway cities are on the phone with their relatives “back home” even before they clear customs. The result is that these 21st-century immigrants are virtual gateways back to GG May 1the other side of the world, sharing with them their impressions and discoveries in their new homeland.

Step off the subway into the crowded neighborhoods of Jackson Heights in Queens, New York and you step into another world filled with Yemenis speaking Hasaniya Arabic or Bengalis chattering away in their native Bangla language. Chances are they are on their cell phones talking to family members in faraway lands.

Like the children who passed through the wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, these modern-day wardrobes are found in our global gateway cities.

Global Gates missionaries are projecting the gospel through these gateways, impacting Palestinians, Saudis, Afghans and other previously unreachable people groups. By reaching them with the gospel here, we are able to transport the gospel witness through global gateway wardrobes to the very ends of the earth.

Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates



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