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Thank you from Houston!

Thank you for the wonderful response to our appeal for Muslim widows and single mothers in Houston. Our Global Gates team in Houston has adopted widows and single Houstonmoms from the Muslim immigrant community. These women lost approximately 75% of all their belongings in the devastating flood that accompanied Hurricane Harvey.

Our team went right to work hauling out ruined belongings, extracting standing water, pulling insulation, cutting out soggy sheet rock, and drying out their homes. Muslims in the neighborhood worked along side our missionaries, and expressed their love and appreciation for our Christ-inspired compassion for them. As we worked side by side, heart-felt relationships were forged and now we talk together as if we were family.

None of these women had flood insurance, and without your help they would have been hard-pressed to recover. Our next phase includes replacing sheet rock and insulation, painting, installing floors, cabinets, and lost furnishings.

Much remains to be done. We still need your support!

You can donate directly to Global Gates’ Houston Disaster Response by clicking here just choose <Disaster Relief 40300> from the dropdown menu.

Your Global Gates Team in Houston


Urgent Need: A Muslim Donates to GG

“Go away from here! We don’t want your help!” This was the immediate response from a Musa, a middle-aged Muslim man, when Jay, our Global Gates missionary, showed up in his housing complex offering help.

Jay explained to him that we were following the teachings of Isa (Jesus) who instructs us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. “Isa has been so good to us,” Jay explained, “that we must help those in need.”

Musa turned away in silent resistance. But two days later he was back. Our Global Gates Muslim Donatesteam was hauling out the flood-soaked ruins of a Muslim widow’s home, when Musa appeared. “I was wrong,” he said, “you are doing God’s work.” Jay shook Musa’s hand, and Musa asked if he could pray for our Global Gates team.

After Musa finished praying, he said, “How can I help? I want to donate to the work of your team.”

Would you join Musa in supporting the work of Global Gates in Houston? The federal government now projects that the rebuilding of Houston will cost in the billions of dollars. Your gift of $70 can purchase a Flood Bucket of relief supplies, or you can contribute toward the $10,000 cost of restoring a widow’s home in Houston. You can donate directly to Global Gates’ Houston Disaster Response by clicking here just choose <Disaster Relief 40300> from the drop down menu.

Thanks for your help!
Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates

Urgent Need: Adopt a Widow

“Who are the neediest in our community?” This is the question that Global Gates’ Houston team asked as they assessed the devastating impact of Hurricane Harvey. As always, God’s Word provided a trustworthy guide: “Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world” (James 1:27).Flood Damage

Through their personal relationships within the Muslim communities of Houston, Global Gates missionaries have adopted Muslim widows for the focus of their ministry. These women, who are without husbands to care for them, are particularly vulnerable. Their modest homes have been flooded and many of their most precious possessions lost to torrential rains.

Our on-the-ground team has determined that it will take about $10,000 to restore each widow’s home to pre-flood conditions. Our missionaries are already hauling away ruined possessions, pulling up carpets, and stripping away soggy dry wall.

We’re inviting you to “Adopt a Widow” by giving toward the goal of $10,000 per widow restored. As you give, you can be assured that God will find your gifts “pure and faultless” as His Word promised. You can donate directly to Global Gates’ Houston Disaster Response by clicking here just choose <Disaster Relief 40300> from the drop down menu.

Thank you for your help!
Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates

Urgent: Why Did This Happen?

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey the world is asking the question, “Why did this happen?” Our question is not unlike that of Jesus’ disciples in John 9, who asked why a particular man was born blind: “Who sinned,” they asked, “this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

Jesus replied, “Neither…this came about so that God’s works might be displayed….” (John 9:3). And he healed the man.

While it may be interesting to ask why Hurricane Harvey happened, it’s much more important to do what Jesus did, and respond! As disciples of Jesus, Global Gates missionaries are displaying God’s works to the people of Houston, particularly its least-reached, most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Your gifts will provide immediate relief: mosquito repellent, cleaning tools, repair Harveysupplies, disinfectants, towels, and essential items for those who have lost everything.

We need your help. The time to act is now. The need is urgent. You can donate directly to Global Gates’ Houston Disaster Response by clicking here just choose <Disaster Relief 40300> from the drop down menu.

In the same John 9 passage, Jesus pressed his disciples to realize: “Night is coming, when no one can work.” Dear friends, it’s not dark yet, but it’s getting there.

Thank you for your help!
Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates

Urgent Need: How Much Do We Care?

It was a wise person who said, “Before people care how much you know, they need to know how much you care.”

Global Gates missionaries in Houston have been hard at work for many months building relationships with Houston’s least-reached people neighborhoods. Today, however, they have an unparalleled opportunity to show them how much Christ loves them and cares for their physical as well as their spiritual needs.

Already Global Gaters are teaming up with the people to whom God has called them, tearing out soggy carpets and drywall, distributing care packages in the form of “Flood Buckets” and adopting widows, the communities most vulnerable inhabitants, with acts of love and restoration.


Restoring a Widow’s Home

You can be a part of impacting these least-reached people groups with the love of Jesus Christ. Just $70 will provide a “Flood Bucket” filled with relief supplies. A gift toward the goal of $10,000 can restore a destitute widow to wholeness.

Relationships are making this impact felt among these underserved survivors of Hurricane Harvey. You can donate directly to Global Gates’ Houston Disaster Response by clicking here just choose <Disaster Relief 40300> from the dropdown menu.

Your gifts through Global Gates relationships are revealing just how much the Body of Christ cares for them!

Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates

If at First…

The old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” applies to Global Gates missionaries as well.

Our Global Gates team in Houston is adopting apartment complexes filled with South Asian Muslims. In one apartment complex, a Global Gates missionary attempted to share the gospel, hoping to start seeker Bible studies. Over a period of five months, he shared the Gospel with 90 percent of the Muslim residents with very little positive results. An often-heard complaint from the Muslims was, “We know that the New Testament has been corrupted!”

May 15 GG photoDepressing, yes, but not the end of the story. Rather than shaking the dust from his feet, this Global Gates missionary prayed for new insights and set out again.

With fellow team members, they returned to the same apartment complex and knocked on 60 doors in one evening, but this time with a different appeal. Rather than dispute or argue the Muslims’ perception of the New Testament, the missionaries said, “We want all Muslims to know an uncorrupted New Testament is available.”

The results were amazing. Four Muslim families agreed to host a weekly Bible study in their homes. Adjusting the appeal yet again, “How can we pray for you and your family?” The apartment complex now has 15 Muslims professing Jesus as Lord and Savior!

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!

Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates

Prayer, Prayer, Prayer!

In Global Gates prayer is the foundation of all we do, the air we breathe, and the environment in which movements arise. We pray for our family, our people group, our ministry, our partners, and well, everything! Prayer also connects us to and through the global body of Christ to the abundant resources God has entrusted to his people.

Here are two great resources you don’t want to miss.

1)  Global Prayer Digest

The Global Prayer Digest ( is produced monthly by Frontier April 1 - 1Ventures (formerly the U.S. Center for World Missions) in Pasadena, California. Eight months ago, GPD’s editor, Keith Carey, contacted Global Gates with the idea of dedicating the month of May 2017 to feature UPGs in global gateway cities.

Over the past several months, Barbara Curnutt, GG’s Prayer Coordinator, has worked with our missionaries to create prayer profiles for the Digest. The May 2017 edition of Global Prayer Digest is now available. Keith has informed me that he has printed an extra 1,000 copies of the Digest. This would make a great resource to share with your ministry partners. You can contact GPD via their website to place orders.

In addition to their online subscribers, and 2,200 English-language magazine recipients, the Digest has a distribution of 10,000 in Spanish, 20,000 in Korean; and 50,000 in Chinese. Don’t miss this valuable resource!

2)  30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

The 30 Days Prayer Guide ( has galvanized the Christian world in concerts of prayers for Muslims ever since its inception 24 years ago. Today the 30 Days booklet is circulated in more than 40 languages around the world.

April 1 - 2This powerful resource is one of the key contributors to the unprecedented Muslim movements to Christ that we are seeing around the world today. Every year for the past 24 years, a growing number of Christians around the world have joined their ministry partners to pray for Muslims during the Islamic month of Ramadan (this year, May 27-June 5, 2017), when Muslims are seeking a message from God. This year, in addition to online subscribers, more than 100,000 North Americans and hundreds of thousands of additional prayer warriors around the world will participate in this global prayer movement.

You and your church partners can join in this global prayer movement for Muslims. Check out the

Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates

Global Gateway Cities

Global gateway cities are portals, gateways to another world. There was a time when immigrants came to America and had to burn their bridges behind them. They had no choice; there was no way to stay in touch with the homelands from which they came.

In the 21st century, the world is very different. Many immigrants who land in our global gateway cities are on the phone with their relatives “back home” even before they clear customs. The result is that these 21st-century immigrants are virtual gateways back to GG May 1the other side of the world, sharing with them their impressions and discoveries in their new homeland.

Step off the subway into the crowded neighborhoods of Jackson Heights in Queens, New York and you step into another world filled with Yemenis speaking Hasaniya Arabic or Bengalis chattering away in their native Bangla language. Chances are they are on their cell phones talking to family members in faraway lands.

Like the children who passed through the wardrobe into the magical land of Narnia in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, these modern-day wardrobes are found in our global gateway cities.

Global Gates missionaries are projecting the gospel through these gateways, impacting Palestinians, Saudis, Afghans and other previously unreachable people groups. By reaching them with the gospel here, we are able to transport the gospel witness through global gateway wardrobes to the very ends of the earth.

Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates


Muslim Movements to Christ

You’d never know it from cable news networks, but we are living in the midst of the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history. I don’t make this claim lightly. With a PhD from the University of Chicago in church history, I’m well aware that audacious claims like this are ripe for dismissal.

So when I began a three-year, 250,000-mile odyssey through the Muslim world visiting Muslim movements to Christ, I was concerned that what I was finding might raise more questions than it answered. This journey led me to collect more than a thousand interviews from Muslim-background believers who were parts of movements, each movement with at least a thousand baptized believers. The core question I asked them was, “What did God use to bring you to faith in Jesus Christ? Tell me your story.”

Picture1My church history background prompted me to search further, to discover when and where such movements had ever occurred in the 14-century history of Muslim-Christian interaction. What I discovered left me staggered, humbled, amazed.

Looking across 14 centuries, the truth was unavoidable. The 21st century, our century, has seen the greatest turning of Muslims to Christ in history. Despite the tragic news pouring out of the Muslim world today, God is at work. Indeed, “where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more” (Romans 5:20).

Global Gates missionaries are seeking to bring this harvest of born-again, baptized Muslims to our global gateway cities. God is at work, and we are seeking to join him in this unprecedented movement of Muslims to Christ.

To learn more, see my book A Wind in the House of Islam. To join in these movements, partner with Global Gates to bring these movements to a Muslim community near you!

Dr. David Garrison
Director, Global Gates

Identity and Gospel

Since we have had the privilege of living and working overseas, we love to interact with people from other cultures. My husband and I like to play a scary game. The rules are complicated. It is called, “name that ethnicity!”

MC PostBefore you go all weird on me, I’ve discovered that people from other ethnicities, now living in a different and powerful culture, have a strong desire for people to know about “where they came from.” It would be like trying to explain to someone about Friday night football in Texas, or shrimp and grits in the low country of South Carolina. There is so much more to ethnicity than a color of skin, or a shape of a forehead. But I digress.

On a recent trip to NYC (I act like we go all the time…. !) we rode a number of cabs, and would SILENTLY try to figure out the ethnicity and culture of the cab driver. Now this is where the rules get sticky. People don’t want to know what YOU think of their ethnicity, they want to share with you the importance THEY see in their ethnicity. So if we could figure out that someone was from Jordan, we would begin to talk about the Middle East and the fun of camping in a Wadi (think Palo Duro Canyon without a stick of vegetation) or if they had been to the shawarma stand at the fifth circle. Then they would begin to gush, reminisce and go on and on about how much they missed their home, their place of identity. We would become fast friends and before long invitations would come asking us to come to their home, share a meal, and meet their family. We couldn’t go, but we often left the exchange with a new friend.

I fear we don’t know or understand our identity. As children of God, we vacillate between being a princess in his kingdom, or becoming Deborah the warrior. And neither of those descriptors get at the heart of living with our identity in Christ. We have decided that if we wear the trappings of the identity, then the identity will be ours. So we’ve dressed in godly Bible studies and activities, and yet live with this angst that we really don’t belong here. In actuality, our identity in Christ says, Whoever you are in the Lord, go, be, rest. Our stance should be to crawl up in our Father’s loving arms and embrace Him so we can become Us. We can never find our identity in the stuff we do, or the things we wear, or the holiness that we seem to exude.

I want to be called for my lack of trust like Sarai. I want to know how to read the times like Esther. I want to be forgiven and faithful like Rahab. I want to see kingdom opportunities like Miriam. I want to be like Rhoda, the servant girl in Acts, who recognized a miracle long before the apostles did. At times I need to be like Hagar, the “thrown out one” who recognized that God was a God who sees, and named Him accordingly. I want to be like Lois in II Timothy 1:5 where she is described as a grandmother in whom faith dwells. All of these women were different. They had different skills, different backgrounds, and different upbringings. But they had in common an encounter with the God who changed them. That shapes our identity.

Yesterday was International Women’s day and I was taken back to my first awareness of the holiday, celebrated in a former communist country. Women were given flowers, typically a yellow inexpensive flower sold by the side of the road, from young boys eager enough to climb a tree, break off the flowers and be persistent enough to jump in front of your car hoping you would give them 10 cents for their effort in picking flowers for you. For that one day, the identity of women was celebrated. (I did laugh at those that said, “for today, strike from work and stay home.” Where DO you think we work!!)

God longs to pick you up, set you on his shoulders and say, “See this world? I’ve created you and I’ve created it. There is brokenness, and some of it will be yours. I heal. There will be abandonment. I redeem. There will be betrayal. I offer you fidelity. There will be a world calling your name. I give you identity.”

Mary Carpenter
A friend of Global Gates